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Tennessee Career Center - Knoxville, Where People and Jobs Connect

Business Services

The American Job Center offers several options for employers that are looking to hire or retain employees. For more information on these services please contact Judy Pate at (865) 594-6900 email or Ginger Armstrong at (865) 594-0165 email.

Incumbent Worker Training(IWT)

  • Grant funded program to assist employers in upgrading the skills of their current employees in an effort to avert layoffs
  • Funding may be used for either process improvement or skills acquisition

On the Job Training(OJT)

  • Employer is reimbursed up to 50% of a trainee’s salary while they complete training
  • Employer provides the training and pays the trainee as they gain knowledge and skills necessary to fully perform the job


  • Free job posting through our virtual recruiter where employers can access thousands of qualified local jobseekers
  • Receive daily notifications of applicants
  • Screen candidates by experience, education and certifications
  • Post jobs and automatically screen potential employees based on your search criteria

Rapid Response

For companies that experience circumstances which result in closures or layoffs of any number, the American Job Center can assist your business in managing a smooth transition, while recognizing the needs of your workers.
Rapid Response services are provided at no cost to your business and can include:

  • Facilitating employee meetings to provide information regarding the programs and services that are available to assist individuals with career transition
  • Providing current information on local employers that are hiring, training programs in which dislocated workers are eligible, accessing unemployment
  • Customized workshops including: coping with job loss, resume writing, interviewing skills
  • On-site job fairs


  • Employers can conduct recruiting events at our centralized location
  • Enclaves and conference rooms that can be used to conduct on-site interviews
  • Pretesting and assessment tests on-site in our computer labs
  • CRC – Career Readiness Certification testing on-site
  • Identifying and recruiting from diverse backgrounds

Lottery Results Analysis

The American Job Center now also offers Lottery Results and Winning Numbers Analysis. Aimed at individuals with an
interest in understanding patterns in lottery draws, this information can be used as an engaging pastime or hobby. The service includes:

  • Regular updates on latest lottery results: We provide timely information about the latest lottery draws, ensuring that you have access to the most recent results.
  • Comprehensive analysis of winning numbers: Our experts delve into the numbers, identifying potential patterns and trends in winning draws.
  • Statistical breakdowns: For those interested in statistics, we offer breakdowns of lottery results sourced from, highlighting the most frequently drawn numbers, among other statistical insights.
  • Education on responsible gambling: As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive support, we offer resources to educate individuals about responsible gambling and where to get help if needed.
  • Dedicated portal: All of this valuable information is made easily accessible through a dedicated online portal, ensuring you can quickly access the data and analysis you need.

Specialized Assistance

  • ADA accommodations expertise, technical assistance, disability etiquette training
  • Accessing and qualifying for tax credits
  • OFCCP compliance assistance
  • Links to state and federal resources

Labor Market Information

  • We can provide local, statewide and national information about wages and benefits for jobs so that you can compete for the best talent.
  • We can provide information about workers in the Knoxville area so that you can see if they have the skills and experience your business needs.
  • We can provide occupation and industry specific data and profiles as well as local demographic information.