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Resume workshop


The American Job Center-Knoxville offers many workshops to assist customers with finding jobs. From remodeling a resume to mock interview sessions, the American Job Center can help people and jobs connect. To sign up for a workshop, you can call 865-594-5500, sign up on or come by the resource room and sign up in person.

Remodel Your Resume

Does your resume measure up? Come to this workshop to build a power resume for the 21st century. The resume is a critical tool for anyone looking for work. While a well-written resume can enhance your job search, a poorly written one can destroy your chances. Learn how to make yourself stand out in the paper stack on an employer’s desk. Do you know how to get your foot in the employer’s door without losing your toes? Learn to market yourself and convey your uniqueness and value to an employer. In some ways, a cover letter can be more instrumental than a resume in getting an interview. A good cover letter helps the employer see clearly how you measure up. It highlights particular skills and experiences as they apply to the employer’s open position. The cover letter matches your qualifications to the employer’s needs.

Polish Your Interview Skills

Come to this workshop to polish your application and interviewing skills and learn to paint yourself in the best light. You will learn effective confidence building techniques for the interview and how to sell yourself as a valuable asset to the prospective employer. Understanding the application process is paramount for a job seeker. Learn why employers use applications and what they want to know. Prepare for and avoid knockout factors, make points and get interviews.


A computer based interest and aptitude assessment designed to aid in making decisions about career selection and vocational planning. CareerScope is self-administered and takes about 60 minutes to complete. The resulting Assessment Profile, written in clear, concise language, provides evaluees with a “career blueprint” and a launch-point for investigating specific occupations relating to those careers.

National Career Readiness Certificate

Do you have your NCRC? Ask about this new way to market your skills to employers! The National Career Readiness Certificate exam is given on a first come first serve basis. NCRC Test times are:
Monday 12:30 PM Thursday 8:30 AM
The Practice Test/ Sessions for the CRC are on Tuesdays at 8:30 AM. If you need a special time, please call Sandra Smith at (865) 594-0157 or email . To find out more about the NCRC and the Practice Test/ Sessions, you may call Sandra or visit the Resource Room Staff for further information.

Mock Interview Sessions

Do ever feel nervous, unprepared, or anxious when going on an interview? Do you have an upcoming interview you’d really like to practice for? If the answer is yes, please contact the American Job Center at (865) 594-5500 to set up a one-on-one practice session. Sessions are made by appointment only. Common interview questions will be asked, and feedback on your answers will be provided. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be.

Skilling Them Softly

This workshop will help you develop communication skills, listening skills and networking skills. Call 865-594-5500 or stop by the resource room to register.

Jobs4TN Workshop

Gain knowledge, tools and skills to navigate the website. Learn how to inquire about jobs, careers, and education opportunities.

Computers Won't Byte

Do you freeze up at the thought of turning on a computer? This basic computer workshop will teach you “how to open files, get on the internet, navigate files and how to set up an email. This workshop is for beginners only so no need to fear.